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Duration: 30 days
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 Helmet and body armor
 Baseball bat

Boxing gloves

Damage: 1/10
Duration: 30 days
Boxing gloves - a type of boxing equipment, began to be used in boxing from about the 20s of the XX century.

Baseball bat

Damage: 2/10
Duration: 30 days
Baseball Bat — Most people who buy baseball bats in Russia do not use them for their intended purpose. The design features of the bits allow it to deliver powerful and heavy blows. This leads to its use as a melee weapon of shock-crushing action. The bat is well centered, made of solid, solid wood, very comfortable to hold with one hand.


Damage: 5/10
Number: 8 shots
Revolver - multiply melee small arms with a rotating drum, performing the function of the store. The drum has several cameras, in which are placed ammunition, while, at the time of the shot, the next camera serves as a chamber of the barrel of the weapon.


Number: 7 shots
Shotgun - smooth-bore firearms. Shotgun - a weapon, usually designed for shooting from the shoulder and could also be used for various purposes: from self-defense to fighting riots.

Sniper rifle

Number: 5 shots
Sniper rifle - combat rifle, the design of which provides increased shooting accuracy. The very first sniper rifles were slightly larger than ordinary rifles, and were intended for firing from long distances.


Damage to the last 6:
Number: 3 shots
Bazuk - the American name for a dynamo-active anti-tank grenade launcher. Is a portable rocket launcher, the grenade has a rocket engine. Bazooka adopted by the US Army in 1942. In 1944, a new bazooka model was launched.


Damage to all: It has a blinding effect for 30 minutes
Number: 3 uses
An outbreak is a special non-lethal means that has a noise and fragmentation effects on a person. They are in service with the army, law enforcement and special services. They are used for temporary disabling of an adversary or offender by blinding with a bright light, stunning with a sharp loud sound and injuring with relatively soft striking elements (shrapnel or rubber grapeshot).

Nuclear weapon

Damage to all: Ban for 12 hours
Number: 1 shot
Nuclear weapons - a set of nuclear weapons, their means of delivery to the target and controls. Refers to weapons of mass destruction along with biological and chemical weapons. Nuclear weapons are explosive weapons, based on the use of nuclear energy, released as a result of an avalanche-like chain nuclear fission reaction of heavy nuclei and / or a thermonuclear fusion reaction of light nuclei.


Action: Protects against punches with a boxing glove and a bat, as well as the action of a flash.
Duration: 30 days
A helmet is a means (an element of the form of clothing) for the individual protection of a person’s head that is worn on the head to protect against injuries and wounds.

Body armor

Action: Protects against shots from a revolver, shotgun and sniper rifle.
Duration: 30 days
Armor - An element of individual protection of a person, which protects the upper body of a person from the effects of firearms and cold weapons, also from fragments of shells, mines and grenades.


+1 heart to life
Duration: forever
Maximum: 5
An extra heart to the user's life.
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